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Careers at BSI

Insurance Adviser

Mortgage Adviser

Regional Business Development Manager


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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Join us for a fresh start, renewed possibilities, and a reimagined future.


Embrace this opportunity and unlock your potential.



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Begin your journey with an easy start.


Our seamless onboarding process ensures a smooth transition as you embark on new opportunities.

Easy Start

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Step into a captivating atmosphere where collaboration, positivity, and inspiration thrive.


Join us and experience a vibrant environment that fuels your success.


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Discover harmony in work and life.


Join our team and experience the perfect blend of professional success and personal fulfillment.



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It's not just about progress, but about evolving into your best self.


Unlock your potential for personal and professional development.


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Experience the power of empowerment.


Apply your full potential to make a meaningful impact and create positive change.


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Achieve greatness with MDRT.


Elevate your career, expand your network, and access exclusive resources that propel you to financial success.


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Master self-control and unlock your true potential.


Join us and develop the discipline to achieve your goals and surpass your own expectations.



Join Us Now

If you are good at communicating with people, treating people with enthusiasm, be honest and trustworthy, we welcome you to join our team! ​

As a trusted partner of renowned insurance companies in New Zealand, BSI Insurance Brokers is dedicated to offering customers the most suitable insurance options. With partnerships with over 20 insurance companies, we provide a wide range of choices and efficient one-stop services, saving customers time and enhancing overall effectiveness.


At BSI Insurance Brokers, we also sincerely invite insurance/mortgage advisers in New Zealand to join our team!

If you want to be a member of BSI Insurance Brokers, we expect you to meet the following conditions:  

  • Good time management skills

  • Patience and a strong sense of responsibility

  • Have a legal visa

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Bilingual ability in Chinese and English ​


If you meet the above conditions, please send your resume and recent registration photo to WeChat or email, and indicate the visa information of the applicant.

In BSI Insurance Brokers, our work includes answering customers' insurance questions, understanding customers' insurance needs, and maintaining new and old customers. We provide a good working atmosphere and generous benefits but also provide you with a wide range of career development opportunities and training. Join BSI Insurance Brokers, let us grow together and realize the common development of individuals and companies! ​ As a dynamic and passionate team, BSI Insurance Brokers is looking forward to your joining.


Become a member of BSI Insurance Brokers, let us provide customers with the highest quality insurance services and contribute to the development of the industry! ​


If you are interested, please send your cv to


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