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Medical Insurance


Comprehensive cover for a wide range of medical conditions, covering costs like specialist consultations, diagnostic imaging and testing, hospitalisation and surgery at a time, location and with the medical provider of your choice.


It’s about looking after you and your family’s future if you become totally permanently disabled and are unable to work as a result of an accident or illness.


It’s unfortunately common to face a trauma such as a serious illness or injury at least once in your life.


Trauma insurance is designed to pay you a lump sum of money to manage the financial impact if you or one of your children were to face one of these events.

Income/Mortgage Protection

If you face an illness or injury that stops you from working, this insurance provides regular monthly payments to cover your ongoing financial commitments like household bills and mortgage or rent payments.



It protects your loved ones' futures by providing them with a lump sum payment if you pass away, or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Provides an up-front payment should you be injured accidentally.


The payment you receive is based on the treatment you require and the cover you selected.




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